Our Mission

North Eastern Services supports opportunities for people to achieve independence, enhance self esteem and sustain a full quality life. 

Our Culture

North Eastern Services sets the industry standard with superior care, absolute execution of all requirements, unmatched integrity, continued improvement of employees and processes, zero procrastination in all matters, 100% follow through in all areas, positive attitudes at all times, positive interactions in every circumstance, and positive outcomes for all individuals that we serve and employ.

We Help People with Disabilities Live Rich Rewarding Lives

Built Around the Individuals We Serve

Our company is built around the individuals we serve. Our programs are specifically created to help individuals work toward becoming better people and having a better life. We understand that everyone is different and has their own specific wants and needs. As such, we individualize our work toward each person. We also realize that, as a company, we need to grow and improve just as much (if not more so) than the people we serve. We continually strive to provide better care and support to those around us.